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          Now a days flying the drone is quite fun. Nowadays, if you see many you tubers, a lot of people blow drone’s. Shoots videos from Don. Instagramers use.

         If seen, drones are becoming quite popular in the culture of India. Still, drone flying is illegal in India. But today the situation has changed a bit in the comparison. Today I will tell you how in India you can fly a drone in a legal way?

        First of all, how can you fly a drone legally in India. For this, the Indian Government has opened an official online portal of its own, which is called digital sky. Wherever you can register a drone, you want to fly jeans drone.

        And inside it you will find a lot of variety and you can also register yourself. And obviously in India, an age limit has also been set for flying drones, which is 18 years. That means if you are less than 18 and you are flying a drone, then it is illegal ie that which is the driving age The same drone is for flying. But still, there are some drones that you can fly without registering, if you want to fly directaly.

       The name of that category is Nano categories. The weight of the drone inside it should be less than 250 grams. That is, if the weight of your drone is 249 grams, then you can blow the drone. And you can fly that drone up to 50 feet.


        That is, there are so many different regions there, you can fly the drone without any problem. But the weight of your phone is more than 250 grams, so you will have to register it by going to digital sky website.

      But let’s talk as if you’ve bought the drone. Even if you register the drone, you cannot fly it everywhere. I mean there are some securities areas where nobody has to fly a drone aloud. For example, you cannot fly a drone near India Gate in Delhi, it is illegal to fly a drone near Parliament House or Rashtrapati Bhavan, or it is illegal to fly a drone near an airport. And those areas that are within no fly areas. 

       Now we talk about how you can register which Dawn by visiting Digital Sky. Selecting well obese by category. By the way, if you are a don of neno category, you cannot register it. Apart from this, the other category is micro category. Within which the weight (weight) of the drone is from 250 grams to 2 kg. This is followed by the medium category.


        Where the weight of the drone is 25 kg to 250 kg. And then comes the large category. In which the weight of the don is more than 150 kg. And the man who can be blown away. So you will have to register it by visiting the website.

       Only then you will get permission to fly the drone. And you can fly these drones up to 400 feet height vertically in India. What’s more, your Dawn should also have GPS, sim card capability. So that you can track the location of the drone exactly.

       That is, to protect the drone, some such things are kept in it, Gem’s GPS, sim card wag are. With which the drone can be controlled. And obviously if someone is flying a drone in India, then his drone has self landing features.

       It should happen. Meaning if the drone is lost somewhere, at the press of a button, wherever the drone is, it should land near you. Some such features are compulsary in drones inside India.

       To make the drone a bit easier, the Indian government has launched a mobile application. That is, if you have to fly a drone anywhere, then you can take permission with the help of application.

       Once you have got the permission to fly the drone, then you can fly the direct-drone. Meaning that what used to happen earlier was that the police had to get permission, or had to go somewhere and read the document verification and then got permission.

But now all these tasks go through a mobile application. Even then, you do not have the permission to fly the drone and you have to fly the drone, or if you have registered the drone on the digital sky website, then what is extracted a lot of interest here.

          Which means “no permission no take off”, that means if you do not have permission to fly a drone, then you cannot blow your drone even if you want to. This is a very good thing done by the Indian government. That is, do not misuse people’s safety and their people. The government has taken good care of it.

          But if we talk about the big drones, then there are big drones, only professional people use them. Common people like us do not use big drones. In general, if seen, ordinary humans use nano categories of drones.

         And if seen in this category, dji’s very good drones come. DJI launched it a short time ago in the US. And he is currently selling the drone on amazon in India. The weight of dji drones is less than 49 grams. DJI has deliberately designed such a drone, and Dron’s camera cauloty and flying ability are quite good, done by dji.

        And 249 grams which is the weight requirment is not only in India but also in many countries. In order to popularize the culture of drones in such countries, dji deliberately designed such drones. If seen, this drone is also found on Amazon but is a bit more expensive.

      But the way the culture and its rules for flying drones are becoming even more simple and within 250 grams you are also getting good drones. I think in times to come, different types of companies in India will bring their drones and sell them in the Indian market.

    If you are thinking of taking a drone in fauture, then let me tell you a little about the top 5 drones of DjI. If you want to buy a drone for your own personal use and you do not want video quality so high. Now if you have just gone out somewhere, then you want to save your personal memory there.

          For that I would suggest you that you can buy Dji Tello. A drone will be available to you at amazon for 10,000 to 12000. If your budget is slightly higher or you have done it, you can expand your budget up to 50000 – 60000, then I would suggest you buy Dji mavic mini. One special thing about this drone is that its weight and size is very low, so it is placed in the toy category.

          If it comes in the drone toy category, then you do not have to take a permission or license. This will provide you 2.7k resolution, which has a very good quality.

         If you want to buy a little bigger drone in this range, then I suggest you Dji spark, Dji mavic air, Dji mavic air 2. It is all almost the same range of drones, but for this you will need to take permission. To fly the drone. That’s why I told you about the Mevik Mini.

      If you are a travel blogger, do video production or work as a photographer in freelancing for your profession, then you will need such a drone, if you need such a video quality, then I suggest for those people mavic pro. Mevic Pro is the name of a series of Dji.

      In which Dji mavic pro, Dji mavic pro platinum, Dji mavic pro 2. mavic pro platinum drone is the leatest version of dji’s mavic pro. It does not have much noise compared to mavic pro and when it comes to battery, it runs 1-2 minutes more than mavic pro. Talking about Mavic pro 2, it hasselblad’s camera has been provided. Its video quality is very good. If your budget is more than 1 lac then I will suggest you Dji mavic pro 2 only for purchase.



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