How To Earn Daily Rs.8000+ With Upstox


Friends, I have told you many ways to earn money online on this blog of mine, if you were looking for any such earning source in which you start earning money from day one, then today I have taken a similar method for you. I have come To earn money online, it is very important for you to have a skill of any kind, if you do not have any skill, then first you have to learn, then you can earn money online.

But what I will tell you today is a way where you will not need to invest even a single rupee and from there you can earn up to ₹ 8000+ per day.

If you are also interested to earn ₹8000+ per day then you can follow this method mentioned by us and go ahead with your online earning journey.


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o 1.1 How to earn money from Upstox?

o 1.2 How to Refer Upstox Application?

o 1.3 How to get money earned from Upstox?

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How To Earn Daily Rs. 8,000+

To earn money using this method, you will only need a smartphone, even if you do not have a laptop or computer, then what method you can use.

If you will get the help of this application named Upstox to earn money from mobile, then it is happening for the first time that this application has come with such an offer.

Where you will get ₹ 1200 of Per Refer and you do not have to pay any type of account opening charge or account maintenance charge.

This time Upstox has done wonders, here you do not need to pay any charge for any of these two things.

For all of you people who make videos on YouTube or write articles on blocks, make videos on Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts or other short video platforms, then this can be a golden opportunity for those people.

How to earn money from Upstox?

Upstox is an application or platform from where you can invest your money in mutual funds, stock market.So what kind of offer has come with this application, using which all of you can earn more than ₹ 6000+ per day.So as much as you are already using this application, then it is a very good thing or if you are a new user, then first of all you have to create an account here and get KYC done for your up stock                           


For which you will just need some of your important documents such as Aadhar card and PAN card.

After some time after creating the account you get the login id and password, after that you have to refer the Upstox application to the people in your mobile.


How to Refer Upstox Application?

This thing is very good for those people who are content creators, they can make money by making contact and referring it very quickly.

Now this question must have come in your mind that if people who are not content creators can earn money from this, then I have told you further in this article.

First of all, you have to find the referral link of this application, you will get referral links in both Adroid and iOS.

So for this you have to go to your profile and after that you get the option of Refer and Earn, just copy the link given there.

If you make videos on YouTube, you can put a referral link to an application in the description of your YouTube video.

Either there is a blog, then you can put the link in the same article while writing the article. 



Similarly, if you make a video on Instagram, then in that video you can tell people about this application and get people to download the application and you can put that referral link in your Instagram Bio.

Whenever a person downloads this application from your referral link and creates his account, then you will get ₹ 800 and later when he invests in stock market or mutual fund through that application, then after that you will get Rs. ₹ 400 more will be available.

So by doing this way you get ₹ 800+ ₹ 400 = ₹ 1200, so if you have 7 people downloaded this application through your referral link in a whole day, then you can easily earn up to ₹ 8400+ per day. can.

And if you get more than 7 people to download, then even more can be earned.

And those who are not content creators can get people around them to download this application to earn money from it, use your referral link to download the application.




How to get money earned from Upstox?

Now suppose that you have earned ₹ 6000+ in 1 day with the help of this application, now how will you transfer it to your bank, then it is very important for you to be aware of that too When you will download the application from people using your referral link, then if the person who has downloaded that application through your link successfully creates an account and gets KYC done.After that you will get his ₹ 800 and after that when he will invest in stock market or mutual fund for the first time using that application.



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